Reliability R & D

Research & Development

R&D is a communication with customers and persues customers’ satisfaction.
Based on customer feedback for product improvement,
We are investing in research and development.

Developing painless blood-sampleling technologies.
For trust products are certificated.

For more accurate, more sophisticated products
G&T Care is armed with new ideas every day.
And construct Innovation through continuous research and development.


CARENEX® is Easy to use
Unlike other lancing devices, it does not have pre-loading or fire button.
It relieves you of psychological pressure and fear during blood sampling.
CARENEX® is convenient with the One-touch method
For the first time  CARENEX® uses one-touch design where unlike other products that are screw types,
one can easily open and close the cover with a single touch.
CARENEX® cause almost No pain
With the 4 carrier guide design.
It maintains stable linearity to minimize pain during sampling.
CARENEX® boast sophisticated technology
Where other lancing device are limited to 5 depth adjustments,
CARENEX® is able to adjust the needle depth in a total of 8 steps of fine adjustment
making it possible to do fine step adjustment and sample size adjustment
to use from infants to patients with thick calluses.
CARENEX® is precise
Loading and firing step is solved by technology and through safety button design
It can prevent malfunctions and misfires.
CARENEX® is a product with international certifications
CARENEX® has domestic and international patents
through leading blood sampling technology.
CARENEX® differentiates from design
With luxurious and simple design differentiating it from the rest
it provides a familiar image rather than reluctance for medical device,
comforting the mind of the user.

Health and happiness of customers we want to protect.
Precise, accurate, and meticulously designed.
CARENEX will always be with you so that you won’t have to go through the pain to sample blood.